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The master degree in Mathematics of "Université de Lorraine" is organized into tracks.
The track MFA (Fundamental and Applied Mathematics) is research oriented, and offered as a complement to the "SDI/Metz mention".
Warning : You can make your decision and register for this master at the beginning of the scholar year, in september.

Courses adaptation

In green the CS courses that provides you with a score for the master and the master courses that provides you with a score for CS. In red, the courses that you will not attend if you are attending the master. Uncolored courses are those that you will attend for CentraleSupélec only.

CentraleSupelec CoursesMaster Courses
Machine LearningUE1
Statistical ModelsUE2
Reinforcement learningUE3
Statistical learning theory
Sparse models
Deep Learning
Stochastic Algorithms
Advanced C++ Programming
Computational models of big data
GPU programming
Software Application Engineering
Sound processing
Image processing
Natural language processing
CEI (final project)/PFE (final project)
The SAE project "Tweetoscope"
Filière Recherche
Filière Innovation et Intrapreunariat
Training period