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The IAE/Metz master degree in Management is delivered by a school of "Université de Lorraine" that belongs to the national IAE network. It will give your profile a certified management flavor.

The master as a "double diplôme ingénieur manageur track", accessible to CentraleSupélec students.

How to ?
The process is described here
Warning !!! You have to be available during August and June ! For example, if you attend the master on scholar year Y-(Y+1)

  • The last week of August Y (before the start of CentraleSupelec third year), the mandatory seminars are given.
  • During January Y+1, evening lectures are given.
  • During the last week of June Y+1, you must attend the final week (check with your internship supervisor that it is feasible at the very first contacts with the Institution/Company).

Warning !!! If you attend this master, you must attend the "Filière intrapreunariat".

Courses adaptation

In green the CS courses that provides you with a score for the master and the master courses that provides you with a score for CS. In red, the courses that you will not attend if you are attending the master. Uncolored courses are those that you will attend for CentraleSupélec only.

CentraleSupelec CoursesMaster Courses
Machine LearningContrôle de Gestion
Statistical ModelsManagement et Analyse de la Valeur
Reinforcement learning
Statistical learning theory
Sparse models
Deep Learning
Data Science Algorithms
Advanced C++ Programming
Computational models of big data
GPU programming
Software Application Engineering
Sound processing
Image processing
Natural language processing
CEI (final project)/PFE (final project)
The SAE project "Tweetoscope"
Filière Recherche
Filière Innovation et Intrapreunariat
Training period