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There are two projects in the SDI/Metz training. The first one is the SAE project (Software Application Engineering), in the beginning of the year, that put into practice what you learn in the SD9 courses, more precisely

The second project is a final project (CEI, 3A project or PFE), larger than the SAI project.
The final projects start in mid-November, in order to allow teachers to conclude "CEI"s (industrial study agreements) and thus give students the opportunity to work with an industrial partner during the project.
There are indeed three types of projects, the previously mentioned CEIs, 3A projects and some studies related to the research activities of the teaching team (PFE), sometimes involving collaborations with other research teams.
The end-of-study project is your final achievement, it involves the skills you have acquired during your schooling. It is a kind of masterpiece (of which you can be particularly proud) that you will produce at the end of your studies before leaving for an internship in a company or laboratory.