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Software Application Engineering

The application architecture of a system defines its software components and the exchanges between them, as well as their implementation on the hardware architecture. It naturally stands at the crossroads of development and operations missions. This course provides a typology of the main application architectures and presents the concepts of "devops", a set of practices that facilitate the automation of software delivery.
Some concepts will be implemented on an illustrative architecture, in preparation for the SD9 project.
At the end of this course, students will be able to choose the application architecture best suited to their project and will be able to implement a software solution based on microservices or web services. They will be able to quickly integrate into an application development and deployment chain and will be familiar with the use of a few tools (GitLab CI/CD, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes).

Teaching staff : Virginie Galtier (lectures and labs) and Michel Ianotto (labs)

Lecture notes, tutorials, quizzes and lab instructions are on Edunao.
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