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Practical information

When you will be instructed to do so, start the process of registering an internship on the monstage platform.

What is expected from an internship is detailed here. Mainly :

  • Make a convention using the "monstage" process. For the "mention", the "Enseignant Référent" is Frédéric Pennerath or Hervé Frezza-Buet. You should have received instructions for knowing who you should choose.
  • Your internship will be followed by one of the teachers of SDI/Metz, s/he is the "Responsable Pédagogique". You will know who follows your internship in April. This teacher do not appear in administrative documents, except the last one, the "PV de soutenance" where your final mark is mentioned.
  • Duration must be in [23 weeks, 6 months]. Weeks are denoted here [W1, W2, .... W23, ..., Wf] (W23 can be Wf, the final week).
  • The defense occurs during [Wf-2, Wf] (3 last weeks). You will be given a link to a lime survey. Transfer this link to your internship supervizor, he/she will have to fill the survey for CentraleSupélec.
  • Reporting :
    • In [W5, W6], deliver the first progress report, containing the objectives of the work and a roadmap of the internship. This report has to be validated by the host institution, so your institution supervizor has to be joined to the mail when you send it to the CentraleSupélec supervizors.
    • In [W13,W16], 2nd progress meeting with the student, the CentraleSupélec tutors and the host institution tutor. The purpose is to check the progress and identify eventual issues to be solved. The minutes of the meeting is sent by e-mail to all the participants by the CentraleSupélec supervizors.
    • At least 10 days before the defense, deliver the final report.