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Pactical information

When you will be instructed to do so, start the process of registering an internship on the monstage platform.

What is expected from an internship is detailed here. Mainly :

  • Duration must be in [23 weeks, 6 months]. Weeks are denoted here [W1, W2, .... W23, ..., Wf] (W23 can be Wf, the final week).
  • The defense occurs during [Wf-2, Wf] (3 last weeks).
  • Reporting :
    • In [W5, W6], deliver the first progress report, containing a roadmap of the internship, in accordance with the host institution.
    • In [W13,W16], deliver the 2nd progress report, after a discussion with CentralSup√©lec tutors (a synthetic document for archives is asked).
    • At least 10 days before the defense, deliver the final report.