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Time schedule

The following table gives the sequence of weeks of the whole 3rd year. Weeks are denote by

  • F : "filière" weeks
  • I : Internship weeks
  • A or B : The two kinds of SDI weeks, detailed below.
Semester 9Semester 10
2×F6×A+2×B2×F8×B2×F8×B≥ 23×I

The following is the typical orgranization of the weeks of SDI/Metz. The week organisation is complient with master double-diplomas and "contrat de professionnalisation".
The following concerns the SDI courses, not the 6 "filière" weeks (3x2). It may be subjet to slight modifications, in case of bank days typically.
The first 6 weeks are "A" weeks (i.e. no project days), and the 18 remaining weeks are "B" weeks (i.e. with a day dedicated to projects).

"A" week (6)"B" week (18) company internship week (≥ 23)
MorningAfternoonMorning Afternoon
Monday3h Course3h Course3h Course3h Course
Tuesday3h Course1h30 CourseLanguage3h Course1h30 CourseLanguage
Wednesday3h Course3h Course4h Project4h Project
ThursdayFree for non-SDI courses
Friday3h Course3h Course3h Course3h Course

Warning The master courses will be given as far as possible on Thursday, some of them may be given on Tuesday afternoon.
Warning Thursday in "A" weeks, as well as both Wednesday and Thursday in "B" weeks, are freed for students in "Contrat de professionnalisation", making them available for working in their company.