The SDI mention on the Metz campus is a 3rd year education program at the intersection of mathematics and computer science. The objective is to train "data scientists" who are both accurate on the mathematical foundations of the most recent automatic learning methods (the different statistical models of machine learning, neural models of deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc.) and who are at the same time able to implement efficiently and on a large scale IT solutions involving these methods (algorithms optimized in C++, GPU programming, Big Data and cloud architectures, etc). This is why a great deal of importance is given to the application of this knowledge through numerous TPs, participation in a data science challenge and an end-to-end implementation project of a data solution, from the design of a learning algorithm and its optimized implementation in C++, through its integration within a distributed data flow processing architecture, to its operational deployment within a cloud.
This dual competence, combining the assimilation of useful theories with the mastery of computer tools, is highly sought-after both in the company and in the academic world. In the company, R&D on this subject requires combining cutting-edge techniques with the concern to enhance data and the ability to implement innovative solutions adapted to the specific problems considered. In the academic sector, the courses we offer, with the associated research masters in mathematics or computer science, provide a solid scientific preparation for the pursuit of a thesis in both applied and fundamental fields. This new training of the CentraleSupélec curriculum is based on a long teaching experience in this field, both in initial and continuing training, an experience that has been enriched over the years by numerous collaborations with major industrial groups (EDF, Thalès, Total, Orange, AXA, SNCF, Renault, L'Oréal, etc.).
Finally, the Metz campus is a great place to have a successful 3A with an available teaching team and a pleasant living environment only 1h30 by TGV from the centre of Paris.
Here is the SDI/Metz flyer for students.
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First day

We are welcoming 2023-2024 SDI/Metz students on Sept 5th on the Metz Campus of CentraleSupélec. There are 37 students this year.